The live practice of the "desclick" principles, as manager and parent as well, developed into a proof of concept demonstrating how our living can be transformed the lean way – re-forming people, places & practices, naturally.

And as images speak more then words, check out the differences real and symbolic these being a reflection of the personal transformation and not the scope itself.

 July 2008: A 'worked out' manager, with the usual results ...

 ... and the naturally balanced, in August 2011:

Further proving the concept & effects, a cross workout demo from July 2012.

Note: This is not an advertisement for whatsoever hyped diet or gym program. I'm only
bringing in myself to prove the concept: that just working (out) with the own body (weight) surpassing the own resistance leads to an overall sustainable development.

... so reloading natural life balance altogether with the living environment

see also
the transformation of the "desclick"-finca
as changing positively our surrounding(s) reflects as well into a beneficial change of ourselves.